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Analogue to Digital Converter - ADC271




Digital editing facilities are widespread, but much of the source material is still analogue, as are the television monitors used to view the edited output.

The ADC271 analogue to digital converter offers a low-cost alternative to full-blown comb filter decoding and full specification filtering, which would in any case be superfluous with many composite and YC sources. ADC271 / ADC72 are useful for incorporating off-line VTRs (e.g. U-Matic or VHS) in SDI editing suites and for converting existing PAL equipment such as VTR clocks and character generators to SDI.

As an engineering tool, a pair of video converters provide an easy way to produce an SDI signal from a normal analogue signal and to check the presence of an SDI signal without the need for an SDI monitor.

An EBU colour bars generator is incorporated into the DAC271 analogue to digital converter. Switching quickly through the video output format selector switch positions invokes bars mode. Once invoked, the switch is used to select the output format in the usual manner (colour bars are available on all outputs, composite, YC, YUV and RGB). Quick switching again returns the DAC271 to normal digital-analogue conversion mode.

Both PAL 625/50Hz and NTSC 525/60Hz signals may be fed to and from the Baysaver. The television standard is determined by the position of an internal link on the DAC271 and its automatic on the ADC271.


Inputs Composite & S-Video (PAL / NTSC)
Outputs 2 x 270Mbps SDI
Indicators Input detected LED, S-Video detected LEDa
Composite / S-Video input select External switch
Connections 75 Ohm BNC (1x composite, 2x S-Video and 2x SDI)
Power Plug-top 7.5V DC
Dimensions 104x104x27mm including connectors and switches
Weight 250g excluding plug-top power supply


This product is a:
Broadcast Analogue to Digital Converter, Analogue to Digital Converter, Broadcast Analogue to SDI Converter, Analogue to SDI Converter, Composite to SDI Converter and YC to SDI Converter.

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