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ADC271Composite/YC to SDI Digital
ADC272YCrCb /RGB to SDI Digital
NR728Nicam Off-Air Receiver
VIP011Teletext Decoder
BUGTRAPSDI Digital Logo Store & Key
Safe Area GeneratorAnalogue Safe Area Generator
Safe Area GeneratorHD / SD SDI Digital Safe Area Generator
DA271SDI Digital Distribution Amplifier
DAC271Analogue Converter
SHEM271Analogue Aspect Ratio Converter
NOAHSDI Digital Aspect Ratio Converter
VIP4000ANAAnalogue Quad Spilts
VIP4000SDISDI Digital Quad Splits with built-in ARC & Ident
SDI Time DelaySDI Time Delay System
3G-DA3G HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier
3G-HD3G HD-SDI Multiplexer
ADC-HDHD- Analogue to SDI Digital Converter
DAC-HDHD- SDI Digital to Analogue Converter
DA-HDHD- Digital Distribution Amplifier
DC-HDHD- Digital & Analogue Down Converter
DVI-HDHD- SDI Digital to DVI Converter
HD-AVADCSD/HD-SDI Video with Embedded Audio to Analogue Video and Audio
HD-AVDACSD/HD-SDI Video with Embedded Audio to Analogue Video and Audio
HD-HDMIHD-SDI/SDI Digital to HDMI Converter
Magnum EngineerHD SPG / TPG HD Sync Pulse Generator / Test Pattern Generator
Magnum FacilitiesHD SPG / TPG HD Sync Pulse Generator / Test Pattern Generator
SPG-HDSPG-SD/HD - Blackburst and Tri-level Sync Generator
SF50-3G3G/HD/SD-SDI over Single mode SFP-type Fiber Optic Extender
SF50HD/SD-SDI over Singlemode LC-type Fiber Optic Extender
MF01HD/SD-SDI over Multimode LC-type Fiber Optic Extender
HD-5x15x1 HD/SD-SDI Switch
HD-8x18x1 HD/SD-SDI Switch
HD-8x28x2 HD/SD-SDI Matrix Switch
HD-16x416x4 3G HD/SD-SDI Switch
3G-8x88x8 3Gbps HD/SDI Router
TPG-HDHD/SD-SDI Pattern Generator
TPG-3GHD/SD-SDI Pattern Generator
SV-1004Professional Quad Split Video Processor
SV-3004Professional Quad Split Video Processor
SV-503GLHDMI to HD-SDI Synchronizer
SV-903VGA to SDI Synchronizer
SV-DVBHD/SD Encoder Modulator
HD-V9000HD Video File Server
SV-5022Dual View Video Processor

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