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Analogue Aspect Ratio Converter - SHEM271



SHEM - Aspect Ratio Converter for monitoring and duplication systems

The SHEM Monitoring Aspect Ratio Converter is designed for use anywhere that production takes place in widescreen. The SHEM solves difficulties when displaying on conventional 4:3 monitors are squeezed and people appear tall and thin and also the opposite problem of showing 4:3 images on widescreen monitors where images appear stretched.

The SHEM has found its place in duplication areas, especially in the production of client copies of widescreen productions.

The SHEM takes Composite In and provides Composite Out plus RGB Out or Component Out or S-Video + another Composite Out (switchable). Conversion modes may be selected using the step switch on the side of the unit. LED indicators show the presence of video input and that aspect ratio conversion is selected.

The 4 standard modes are available:


Inputs Composite
Outputs Composite + RGB or Component or S-Video + Composite
Indicators Input detected LED, Aspect Ratio Conversion (ARC) operating LED
Output video format selection External switch
ARC Mode Selection Step through switch
Connections 75 Ohm BNC (1x In, 1 + 3 Out)
Power Plug-top 7.5V DC
Dimensions 109x160x27mm including connectors and switches
Weight 250g excluding plug-top power supply


This product is a:
Broadcast analogue aspect ratio converter, Broadcast Analogue ARC and Broadcast ARC

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